The Florence Residences by Logan Properties

The Florence Residences Site Plan

12 Amazing Clubs & 128 Wellness & Lifestyle  Facilities

Introducing Club-Condo Concept, Site Facilities And Highlights

Showcasing a whopping array of lifestyle facilities similar to the offerings of a country club, The Florence Residences’ Club-Condo concept lends it a distinctive edge over other residential projects. Without having to spend a premium for a country club membership, residents enjoy the privilege and convenience of attending complimentary classes conducted on the condominium’s grounds.

Learning a new craft or picking up a new skill has never been easier. For fitness enthusiasts, workout classes held at the state-of-the-art gym provide a robust cardio experience. If one prefers the contemplative experience of flower arrangement, classes organised at the Ikebana Pavilion are right up their alley. To cater to the diverse needs of families and individuals, other activities in the pipeline include speech and music lessons, culinary classes and dance lessons.

Extraordinary living awaits you, from hotel-style services, to an an impressive 128 facilities and 12 clubs with different themes, providing a full suite of leisure options for every resident.


Arrival Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Entrance

Come home to concierge and lifestyle services inspired by the world’s finest hotels and resorts. Let the invigorating sight of the sumptuous landscaping welcome you as you make your way inside the sophisticated Arrival Plaza. Our resident concierge is always available to attend to all your lifestyle needs. Unparalleled amenities, right where you live.


The ClubHouse

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Clubhouse_Pool

Curated to surpass expectations, The Clubhouse presents a haven of soulful relaxation with a playful twist of energy. Revel in a full suite of lifestyle facilities to refresh your day, host bonding sessions at the high-ceilinged Dining Suite or keep the young ones entertained in the Theatrette with Karaoke and Jamming Studio.


Island Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - 80m_Island_Lap_Pool

Be thrilled by over 15 enthralling facilities that capture the mystery of discovering a private island. Surrounded by islands of various sizes for different activities and its meandering curved edges, the unique resort-style 80-metre Island lap pool with Sun Bathing Lawn and more brings the beauty of island living right at your doorstep.


Wellness Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Spa_Pavilion

A wealth of benefits that come with a salt pool. Pamper your skin for a radiant boost and reduce your stress levels in a detoxifying salt pool. Calm the mind as you execute your tai chi moves every morning at the Tai Chi Lawn. Feel the uninterrupted flow of your inner chi by nourishing your wellness in refreshing outdoor spaces. Align your postures while strengthening flexibility in the body at the Yoga Lawn. There is no better place to get your chill on and enjoy all water fun than at your private cabanas.

Hydrotherapy Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Hydrotherapy_Pavillion

You do not need to travel far to immerse yourself in an onsen that completely soothes the senses. Explore a wonderful sanctuary of water spa treatment that takes care of every part of your body. Hop onto the exhilarating Aqua Bike that helps to boost your fitness while being submerged in water. Unwind after a very long day at the Hot and Cold Plunge pools to revitalise your body and mind.


Kid’s Play Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan- Kids Club

Not forgetting the little ones, The Florence Residences has thoughtfully created a safe environment to let their imagination run wild with excitement. Beyond playgrounds, various pocket pools here let the little ones discover some of the most fun water activities. Definitely a safe and fun cool stop for family and children that will capture many memorable moments spent together.


Youth & Fitness Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Sparring_Pavillion

Work up a sweat with your mixed-martial-art partner at the Sparring Ring Pavilion. Scale the bouldering wall to challenge yourself or indulge in a leisure snooker game. Perfect your tennis strokes, learn something new at the games corner or meet like-minded enthusiasts at the outdoor fitness corner.


Gourmet Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Italian_Pavillion

Create and savour delectable dishes at the many grilling and dining pavilions that let you enjoy food from around the world. Sink your teeth into flavour-packed pizza and pasta at the Italian Pavilion. Have your fill of mouth-watering Japanese cuisine such as sizzling seafood and grilling meats at the Japanese Pavilion. Immerse in adventurous cooking and dining experience in the great outdoors at the Outback Grill, where you can grill steaks and burgers to perfection. There is also something for wine aficionados and connoisseurs, where you can indulge in great wine and food pairings at the Wine & Chill Pavilion with family and friends. You can simply eat out, without going out.

Tranquility Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Hydrotherapy_Cove_Pool

Overflowing with calmness and relaxation, you now have a private retreat to escape to every day, at your whim and fancy.

Passion Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Biker pavilion

Running can be more fun with friends. Whether you find some casual running buddies or join a training program, running with a group makes you happier. Bored with the roads? Shake up your biking routine with new cycling friends. Share common interests and form lasting friendships with others.

Garden Club

The Florence Residences Site Plan - Wine Chill_Pavillion

Gardening may be a fun and relaxing way to get in touch with nature. Let your deep fondness for gardening grow here in this thriving green haven. A good opportunity for people of all ages to learn together while encouraging love for nature.

The Florence Residences - Site Plan With Bedroom Legends
The Florence Residences - Site Plan With Bedroom Legends

Site Plan Legends

1 Arrival Plaza
2 Arrival Waterfall
3 Arrival Reflective Pool
4 24/7 Parcel Collection Corner
5 Arrival Water Court
6 Concierge
7 Lobby Reflective Pool

8 Lobby Garden

9 Changing Room
10 Steam Room
11 Dining Suite
12 Multipurpose Suite
13 Theatrette with Karaoke (L2)
14 Laundrette
15 Palm Courtyard
16 Gym (L2)
17 Jamming Studio (L2)
18 Reading Room / Library (L2)
19 Verandah Dining

20 80m Island Lap Pool
21 Island Lounge Pool
22 Coastal Pool
23 Island Pool Deck
24 Sun Bathing Lawn
25 Elderly Fitness
26 Island Look-out Deck
27 Day Bed Deck
28 Sand Lounge
29 Waterwall
30 Ripple Deck
31 Ripple Bay
32 Mystery Island
33 Discovery Island
34 Palm Island

35 Tai-chi Lawn
36 Stepping Stone
37 Chill-out Swing
38 Chill-out Cabana
39 Water Swing
40 Yoga Lawn
41 Wellness Salt Pool (0.9m Deep)
42 Wellness Salt Pool (1.2m Deep)
43 Wellness Pool Deck

44 Hydrotherapy Cove Pool
45 Jacuzzi Cove
46 Hydrotherapy Pods with
Water Cascade
47 Bubble Cove
48 Aqua Bike
49 Aqua Moonwalker
50 Aqua Incline Treadmill
51 Aqua Treadmill
52 Onsen
53 Hot Plunge
54 Cold Plunge
55 Hydrotherapy Pavilion
56 Hydrotherapy Pool Deck

57 Adventure Island
58 Tree Hammock
59 Kids’ Play
60 Toddlers’ Play
61 Inclusive Play
62 Kids’ Club Pavilion
63 Kids’ Outdoor Fitness
64 Trampoline
65 Meandering Deck

66 Meandering Pool
67 Aquaplay Water Mounds
68 Aquaplay Water Jets
69 Aquaplay Water Spouts
70 Aquaplay Water Curtain
71 Water-Tipping Bucket
72 Tropical Bridge
73 Water Basketball
74 Kids’ Pool
75 Toddlers’ Pool
76 Water Splash (Steep)
77 Water Slide (Shallow)

78 Tennis Court
79 Multipurpose Court
80 Bouldering Wall
81 Outdoor Movie Screening
82 Punch Bag Corner
83 Sparring Ring Pavilion
84 Amphitheatre
85 Youth Games Corner
86 Outdoor Fitness
87 Pool Table with Dart Board

88 Italian Pavilion
89 Chinese Tea Pavilion
90 Wine & Chill Pavilion
91 Oriental Gourmet Pavilion
92 Japanese Pavilion
93 Outback Grill
94 Garden BBQ

95 Garden Hammock
96 Rock Cascade Reflective Pool
97 Summer Alfresco Lawn
98 Summer Picnic Lawn
99 Giant Outdoor Chess
100 Meditative Walk
101 Fern Garden
102 Tropical Garden
103 Sensory Spa Pavilion
104 Meditative Garden
105 Firefly Garden
106 Reed Garden
107 Lily Pond
108 Fishing Eco Pond
109 Nature Garden Trail
110 Reading Pavilion
111 Bamboo Garden
112 Forest Swing
113 Reflexology Path

114 Jogging Track
115 Bikers’ Hangout
116 Bikers’ Pavilion
117 Bikers’ Grooming Corner (B1)
118 Car Wash Bay (B2)
119 Short Mat Bowling Lawn
120 Putting Green
121 Ikebana Pavilion

122 Heliconia Garden Walk
123 Fragrance Garden
124 Herb Garden
125 Green Fingers Garden
126 Hanging Garden
127 Mondo Grass Garden
128 Palm Garden

A Guard House
B Side Gate
C Electrical Substation
D Bin Centre
E Generator Set

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