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The Florence Residences 2022 Latest Price List


The Florence Residences aims to be one of the most affordable yet luxurious condos in the Outside Central Region (OCR) when it comes to high-living at condominium. Because as you will soon discover, this condominium is curated with a wide array of lifestyle facilities at every corner of the vast estate, pampering residents with ample choices and activities.

Property transactions are very dynamic activities. Regardless of your experience as a seasoned property-hunter or first-time buyer, we always advise interested buyers to invest some time to come down and talk to us. This way you can get a better grasp of all aspects (loans, payment, stamp duty, purchase timeline) of the purchase of your apartment. It is essential that we walk you through every step to ensure that you commit your purchase with full confidence and peace of mind.

Sales progress at The Florence Residences has been brisk since its launch on 02 March 2019. As a guide, listed below are some actual transacted prices for The Florence Residences apartments in the current month of 2022. Do act fast if you want to secure the last few available units since more than 90% have been sold amid price increase.

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The difference between STACK and BLOCK –

The meaning of stack refers to the condo unit number on a particular floor. For example, 81 The Florence Residences #18-08 means Block 81, #18 represents floor/level and 08 would be the stack number (or unit number). It could be #08-08, #10-08, #16-08 and so forth. The first 2 digits are the floor/level and last 2 digits are the stack number.

The Florence Residences Price List 2022

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*Prices and rentals are based on data in the past 6 months from Oct 2021.


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The Florence Residences Price Review and Comparative Analysis



The most common tool for determining the fair market value is known as comparative market analysis. The comparative method uses a few real estate properties in the same location, and that are similar to the investment property being evaluated. It uses the transacted prices of the comparable properties or latest listed selling prices of properties in order to arrive at the fair market value.


If you are considering The Florence Residences, it is only fair to pit it against its neighbouring new launches in the vicinity. A good benchmark for price comparison would be those within 1km radius from The Florence Residences such as the followings:-

Kovan Residences ( TOP date Oct 2013 )
Kovan Regency ( TOP date Dec 2015 )
Stars Of Kovan ( TOP date Nov 2020 )The Florence Residences - Closest Competitors With 1km

Based on 2019/2020 transactions, we have summarised the transacted prices in a table below for your easy reference.

Kovan Regency Resale Transaction

Kovan Residences Resale Transaction Stars Of Kovan Resale Transaction

It is not hard to see that the entry prices of The Florence Residences are the most attractive amongst its 3 competitors, from 1- to 4-bedroom units. Quality homes at such affordable prices are getting rare these days due to rising land costs. The Florence Residences site (former Florence Regency) was acquired by Logan Properties at S$629 million or at a land rate of S$842 psf ppr back in 2017. This price would likely be a thing of the past if based on the latest Government Land Sales (GLS) at Lentor Central site in July 2021 at S$784.1 million or S$1204 psf ppr ! Similar to The Florence Residences, Lentor Central site is located in Outside Central Region (OCR) and is designated for a 99-year private residential development.


However, comparison based on per-square-foot basis between a new launch and an older development may not be the best gauge because of the different housing rulings and regulations back then. For example, 2-bedroom units in Kovan Residences may command a higher quantum due to their bigger size and had more “unusable” spaces such as bay windows and planters that buyers paid for.


At $15xx psf, The Florence Residences is poised to be one of the most affordable new developments in Kovan/Hougang in District 19 OCR today.


The Florence Residences - Estimate Maintanence Fees

Appreciation Analysis

Property buyers often look for attractive and desirable locations that are close to cities, employment nodes, better amenities and infrastructure. The Florence Residences is a very good example. Properties in such locations are often in higher demand because the majority of the population is looking to live in an area that is accessible, near to workplaces, and where properties are likely to command higher prices in the future. Owning real estate properties in such areas are very likely to experience price appreciation in the future. And when they find one, buyers are willing to pay a higher premium, recognizing the good investment potential derived from this property.


The forces of demand and supply plays a pivotal role in the real estate industry. When the demand for homes is on the uptrend in Hougang, property prices in this area will go up if the supply of new residential houses cannot keep up fast enough with the demand. With limited supply of private condominiums in Hougang, The Florence Residences will not go unnoticed from sharp-eyed investors who understand market forces and with the aim of putting them up for sale when the supply dwindles and prices increase in the future. And for future buyers, they will have to fork out more if they want to enjoy the pampering convenience and high life at this luxurious residence.


Another contributing factor to future price appreciation could come down to the number of HDB upgraders in Hougang after they have satisfied their 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) requirement. Generally, buyers prefer to relocate to places that they are familiar with. Also, newly-wed couples may want to stay close to parents in Hougang. With attractive and affordable entry prices and low quantums, The Florence Residences is a very desirable and attractive upgrading option.


Price appreciation of property investments can also be influenced by any transformation that have major positive impacts on liveability in a given area. While the current infrastructure can affect the property prices at the moment, do stay abreast with governmental plans like URA Master Plans and commercial developments for future new infrastructure and employment node such as the Cross Island Line, Defu Industrial Estate, Lorong Halus Park, etc surrounding Hougang. The demand for rental units at The Florence Residences is projected to be buoyant.



Adding Value To Your Property Portfolio

With more Singaporeans looking to buy a second property as part of their investment portfolio, the one- and two-bedroom apartments at The Florence Residences present a viable option.


With the recent revisions in the URA guidelines on minimum layout sizes, the supply of competitively priced units in District 19 is set to to be limited. Moreover, with its proximity to the future Cross Island Line hub, industrial and commercial nodes, the demand for rental units at The Florence Residences is projected to be buoyant which makes this development even more attractive.


A property is a hard asset, but it is also a home. It is important to own a property that can appreciate in price because it can become a source of financial security for the future. Price appreciation also offers the flexible option of selling the property for a handsome profit and use this sale proceeds to upgrade to a bigger property to accommodate a larger family.

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