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The Florence Residences

5-Bedroom Floor Plan, Virtual Tour & Review

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The Florences Residences 5-Bedroom Units

Price range for 5-bedroom units –


5 Bedroom

#03-21 5B2/1679 sf $2,456,000 $1,463psf
#04-21 5B2/1679 sf $2,465,000 $1,468psf
#05-21 5B2/1679 sf $2,478,000 $1,476psf
#03-50 5B2/1679 sf $2,485,000 $1,480psf
#04-50 5B2/1679 sf $2,494,000 $1,485psf

The Florence Residences - 5 Bedroom With High Ceiling
The Florence Residences - 5 Bedroom With High Ceiling
The Florence Residences - 5 Bedroom Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 5 Bedroom Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 5 Bedroom Penthouse Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 5 Bedroom Penthouse Floor Plan

5-Bedroom Units Layout Review

Imaging the luxury of stepping straight into your luxurious home, the moment the lift door opens. With your own private lift lobby, the 5-bedroom units at The Florence Residences brings you this possibility. Stepping into the cozy comfort of your home will now take on a new meaning, the moment you move in to your Florence Residences apartment.


There is only one type for the 5-bedroom units because it is exclusive. Besides being the largest in size, there are certainly many unique wow factors that will leave your guests in awe. For the top floor units (ie #18), it measures 1916sqft. It also has a double volume ceiling, adding a further 237 sqft of void space in the process. The other 5-bedroom units in this stack on the lower floors will be at 1679sqft instead. For the largest unit, it includes a private lift, a feature that will certainly make the owners feel extra special. The proud owner will be greeted by a private foyer before leading up to the living area, which is the most impressive and expansive area in this apartment. You can immediately feel the sense of spaciousness from the sheer amount of floor area, a luxury not many can afford. Double volume areas always give off that wow factor. The double volume ceiling (4.6m) effortlessly accentuates the grandeur of this expansive residence further, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually in a landed property. 5-bedroom unit is the only category in the development to have the common areas adorned in marble flooring, which oozes a very luxurious feel. For the bedrooms, the choice of material will be engineered timber. Did we mention there is even a powder-room at the private lift lobby for your final touch up before you welcome your guests?


If you are one for the alfresco concept, the balcony will be your favourite spot for many gatherings to come. The large balcony even extends to one of the common bedrooms, expanding further the already spacious balcony space. Besides wet and dry kitchen, it also features a kitchen island, incorporating more storage space and a wine chiller below. As for the appliances in the dry kitchen, they include an induction cooker, coupled with a coffee maker and microwave oven by Bosch.


The largest common bedrooms measures 9.7sqm and the smallest at 8.6sqm. At 8.9sqm, common bedroom2 is of a similar size as the common bedrooms in the 2-bedroom unit. Bedroom 4 is 9.7sqm with an ensuite bathroom that also opens to the main hallway. This is especially useful if you have guests over. It also features a built-in wardrobe flushed against the wall, thus making the room extra spacious. The common bathroom2 comes with jack-and-jill concept, which makes common bedrooms 2 & 3 ensuite.


The master bedroom measures 19sqm which can easily accommodate a king-sized bed as well as a dresser. A walk-in wardrobe beside the master bathroom provides another wow factor. The added storage here will certainly be a pleasing feature for homeowners. The master bathroom is 8.2sqm, almost the equivalent size of its own common bedroom. Besides his-and-hers basins, there is also a bathtub, which is rare these days so having one here definitely adds opulence to this unit. There is nothing more relaxing after a long, busy day than a soothing soak in the tub. And if you are rushing for time, there is always the rain shower for you.

The Florence Residences 5-Bedroom Virtual Tour

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