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The Florence Residences

4-Bedroom Floor Plan, Virtual Tour & Review

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The Florence Residences 4-Bedroom Units

Price range for 4-bedroom units –


4 Bedroom Classic

#03-61 4C4a/1292 sf $1,981,000 $1,533psf
#11-11 4C1a/1281 sf $2,050,000 $1,600psf
#12-11 4C1a/1281 sf $2,058,000 $1,607psf
#13-61 4C4a/1292 sf $2,059,000 $1,594psf
#13-11 4C1a/1281 sf $2,066,000 $1,613psf


4 Bedroom Deluxe

#13-62 4D1a/1389 sf $2,392,000 $1,722psf
#16-62 4D1a(b)/1464 sf $2,484,000 $1,697psf
#17-62 4D1a(b)/1464 sf $2,492,000 $1,702psf

The Florence Residences - 4-Bedroom Unit
The Florence Residences - 4-Bedroom Unit
The Florence Residences - 4 Bedroom Classic Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 4 Bedroom Classic Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 4 Bedroom Deluxe Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 4 Bedroom Deluxe Floor Plan

4-Bedroom Units Layout Review

There are basically two different types – the 4-bedroom Classic and the 4-bedroom Deluxe. All the 4-bedroom units come with both wet and dry kitchen. The main difference between the Deluxe and the Classic is that the deluxe unit has an additional junior master bedroom with its own ensuite junior master bathroom. For the main master bedroom, it is fitted with an additional walk-in wardrobe. For added privacy, the junior master and junior master bath is located in another part of the house. For multi-generational families, this would be a great choice. All living together under one roof but at the same time, you have own space and privacy. Perhaps you do not have big families but enjoy having guests over, this layout can be a welcoming option too. Your guests can enjoy their own space and their own bathroom without intruding too much into your space.

Who Should Own These 4 Bedders?
4 bedders are especially suitable for any family with 2 or 3 kids. However, any one who enjoys the high life, will love a 4 bedroom apartment at The Florence Residences. In fact, you do not need to have a large family in order to enjoy the cosy comfort of these 4 bedroom units. Even if there is no one else, a 4 bedroom apartment can still be very suitable if you love large living space. You can keep your master bedroom and convert the rest of the rooms to suit your individual lifestyle. For example, you can re-configure one of the bedrooms to a soundproof music cum entertainment room, another to a conducive study, and the third into a comfortable guest room.

If you are a family of three, you can always keep the master bedroom for yourself and the next larger bedroom for your child. You can convert the other 2 rooms into either a guest room or a kid’s playroom. As can be seen, you have lots of options with these 4 bedders. That is probably why they were the fast moving units during launch and very likely will continue to be buyers’ favourite choice.

The Florence Residences 4 Bedroom Virtual Tour

4 Bedroom Classic Type 3C3 1,281sqft

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