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The Florence Residences

3-Bedroom Floor Plan, Virtual Tour & Review

Spacious & Elegant

The Florence Residences 3-Bedroom Units

Price range for 3-bedroom units –


3 Bedroom Classic

#02-79 3C4/936 sf $1,438,000 $1,536psf
#02-70 3C4a/936 sf $1,448,000 $1,547psf
#02-42 3C1/893 sf $1,460,000 $1,635psf
#04-42 3C1/893 sf $1,471,000 $1,647psf
#02-29 3C6a/936 sf $1,472,000 $1,573psf


3 Bedroom Deluxe

#02-46 3D4a/1012 sf $1,582,000 $1,563psf
#03-46 3D4a/1012 sf $1,589,000 $1,570psf
#04-46 3D4a/1012 sf $1,595,000 $1,576psf
#03-47 3D2a/1012 sf $1,597,000 $1,578psf
#04-47 3D2a/1012 sf $1,603,000 $1,584psf

3-Bedroom Classic
The difference between the 3-bedroom Classic and the 3-bedroom Deluxe is that the deluxe version has an additional storeroom and WC. In terms of pricing, the difference between the 3-bedroom Deluxe and 3-bedroom Classic is about $100K.

The Florence Residences - 3 Bedroom Classic Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 3 Bedroom Classic Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 3 Bedroom Deluxe Floor Plan
The Florence Residences - 3 Bedroom Deluxe Floor Plan

3-Bedroom Classic Layout Review

At 926sqft, smart storage begins at the entrance way, smartly flushed against the wall. If you are into heavy cooking, enclosed kitchen would be a desirable choice. 3-bedroom and above units come with gas hobs while the smaller units will have induction hobs instead. Windows are always a plus points to ensure that the kitchen is well-ventilated naturally.

Angled glass panels enclosing the kitchen overlooks the entire dining and living spaces, allowing you to keep an eye on your little ones while you prepare your meals. The glass panels also help to brighten up the kitchen by letting in more light.

Both common bedrooms are equipped with 2-panel built-in wardrobe and full-length windows which help to brighten up the rooms. Measuring 8.8sqm, these bedrooms are larger than the common bedroom in the 2-bedroom unit.

Besides generous storage space, the common bathroom also comes with a window to eliminate moisture.

Built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom is flushed against the wall, a sleek concept leaving you with a very usable layout for the rest of the room. At 13.5sqm, you can fit a queen-size bed with 2 side tables without much of a problem.

For those units on floors 15 to 18, the master bedroom has its own balcony.

As with the rest of the master bathrooms so far, you do get similar premium bathroom and sanitary fittings from Grohe, Roca and Geberit.


Who Should Own These 3 Bedders?
These 3 bedders are especially suitable for a typical family with 1 or 2 kids. That said, anyone who appreciates the high life but find the 4 bedder too big for their liking, can consider these 3 bedroom units. Even if you choose to stay alone, a 3 bedroom can be easily re-modelled to suit your lifestyle needs. For example, movie buffs can convert one bedroom into a sound-proof entertainment room to catch the latest blockbuster movies with the most sophisticated sound effects, leaving the others to serve as a study cum guest room. With 1,000 sqft. of living space to play around with, your interior designer will easily be able to offer many great ideas to turn these 3-bedroom units to the home of your dream.

The Florence Residences 3-Bedroom Virtual Tour

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